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In 2003, staff and students at the University of South Australia embarked on a project to design, build and demonstrate an efficient commuter vehicle that could be powered from renewable energy sources. The result was Trev, the Two-seater Renewable Energy Vehicle.

In 2007, a group of UniSA students drove Trev 3000 km from Darwin to Adelaide in the demonstration class of the World Solar Challenge. In 2010, Team Trev drove Trev around the world.

Trev is clean, light, and simple:
  • it is a battery-electric vehicle, and so can be powered from renewable energy sources
  • it has a mass of about 300 kg, so uses much less energy than at 1500 kg vehicle
  • it is simple enough to be built by enthusiasts.

The aim of Trevipedia is to facilitate the collaborative design of new versions of Trev that can be built by enthusiasts. The new designs will build on the experience gained with the UniSA prototype. The ultimate goal is to develop a kit with a certified design and standard components.

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